Pink Silicone Large Set | Stitch Markers
Pink Silicone Large Set | Stitch Markers

Pink Silicone Large Set | Stitch Markers

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Mark Your Knitting, Distinguish your Stitches. 

"I have personally been looking for the perfect stitch markers for some time, and for me, these are it. They don't scratch my needle, they don't hurt my hands, and the colors make it easier to read my knitting at a glance!" -Kat

This listing is for 95 silicone stitch markers that come in a 2oz metal tin with a clear window and includes:

20 - 2mm Markers

20 - 5mm Markers

20 - 6mm Markers

20 - 8mm Markers

15 - 10mm Markers

Please see the Small Set if you would like fewer markers in a smaller tin, or the Set of 20 Stitch Markers listing for 20 of any one size & color. 

Markers with Inner Diameter Fit as Follows:

2mm fits up to US 1

5mm fits up to US 5

6mm fits up to US 8

8mm fits up to US 10.5

10mm fits up to US 13

Please note: the rubber and silicone markers feel differently on your needles. The silicone markers have more grip, if you like your knitting to be rocket fast I suggest rubber markers, but it is a personal preference! All orders ship with free samples of markers in both materials if you'd like to try them! Or see this listing if you want to sample the markers alone.

If you need a visual of what this looks like in real life I suggest pulling out your needle gauge and looking at the millimeter sizes next to the US needle sizes. 

This listing is for one set of stitch markers in a tin, all props used in photos are not included.